How to start in Online Sports Betting?

Sports betting is one of the most common forms of gambling around the globe, and you no longer have to visit a physical bookmaker to make a sports bet, thanks to the internet.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a guide to get started in sports betting or just looking for some tips to make easy money on this business. The betting world has moved to the internet, so it’s time for you to do likewise.

Some of the advantages of online betting include placing bets on – the-go, making deposits using debit / credit cards, placing bets online, earning lucrative welcome rewards etc. In this post, you’ll learn about the process and tips for placing online sports bets and making the most of free welcome bonuses.

Getting started with online sports betting websites

Until you can start making bets online, you’ll need to find and enter some of the Internet’s best-reputed sports betting websites. Check if the website provides some sort of joining incentive from which you can exploit it. Many of these sites could also provide you with enticing incentives on your first and/or subsequent deposits.

Joining a sports betting website around a big sporting event may be useful because you can get better offers to enter from many such websites. Make sure to bear in mind your favorite sports / games until you agree to join a web site.

You may do some research beforehand to find the best betting sports and upcoming big events in that specific game, and find the best website to position your bets accordingly. Also, try to find a website that allows live betting, or in-play betting of sports where the odds change during the game.

You will start making bets once you have entered a web site. Go to your chosen game, select from the available odds, position the sum of bet (stakes) and strike. The results are shown as the game continues.

Types of sports betting odds

There are various kinds of betting odds for different markets in a sporting event. Based on availability you can select either of the chances.

Decimal odds are the easiest of all, where the odds are in decimal numbers. You pick your odd and then make a stake, adding your win by comparing your stake to the odds you chose.

American chances, or American chances, or US money line, are very confusing. Favorite and underdog teams do exist. The negative odds are put on the winning team while the positive number for the second team reflects the odds. The chance and winnings of payouts for underdog bets are higher.

Indonesian odds have determined a fixed odd at game start. The number means the bettor will deposit the amount to win 1 unit (whatever it’s worth).

Malay chances are close to those of the US, except for the sum of the base unit. The base unit here is 1.00, instead of $100, and the odds are calculated accordingly. Negative Malay odds are less likely to win but payouts are higher.

Fractional odds are similar to decimal odds but with the same value, except the odds are in a fraction instead of a decimal number.

Hong Kong odds are more or less like the decimal odds, except the initial stake does not include the final win.

Different types of sports bets

A successful online sports betting platform will give you a variety of betting choices across different markets. Many sporting activities promote betting on outcomes, as well as points, number of goals, cards and much more. Below are some of the sports bet types that are most popular.

The 1X2 bets are used in nearly all team sports, particularly in soccer, where half-time and full-time bets are put for a draw, home team wins, or Away team win.

HT-FT or half-time / full-time bets are close to 1X2 bets where at each point you can predict match results. You can also, in some situations, bet on the team’s odd / even score at half-time or full-time.

Dialy bets involve combining several bets to increase the probability of winning. The bets are put on weak single odds package.

Handicap (HDP) betting includes putting winning wagers, in terms of goals or points, on a team which has been a head start in the game.

The Over / Under (OU) is a special form of bet that places wagers on a fixed line (number) that shows whether the total goals / cards will be above or below that line.

As the name suggests, the correct score includes making bets on the exact score in a game at a half-time or full-time level.

Outright or advanced bets are increasingly common in sports betting, too.

A spread bet is made on an variety of outcomes instead of a set number.

The odds put on an event or game can also adjust depending on the amount of bets made thereon. For example, a favorite soccer team may have low chances of winning only because it has a high number of bets. You’ll also note in the beginning that various online betting sites put different odds on the very same game. That is why checking around is critical before choosing a betting website. Alternatively, you should choose to provide multi-site accounting to reap incentives and other advantages from both of them.

What are the best online betting bonuses?

Most online sports betting sites can give you some form of joining incentives, as well as deposit rewards, cash back, free bets and other deals. Here’s how to select the right ones and make the most of those deals.

Welcome bonus/ Match deposit

Most betting websites, when you enter the platform or make your first deposit, will give you a bonus credit. You get free credit in both situations to make the most of your favorite games. Many websites, however, can only suit your deposit after you have won your first bet.


For some situations where you have lost many bets in a row, money returns are provided by betting sites. Be sure to know the terms of your play before you start.

Free Bets

Many sports betting websites offer free bets instead of casino credits to encourage you to make free bets after making an initial deposit and qualifying for your first bet.

Best Odds Guaranteed

In some sporting events, such as horse racing, a gambling website can give you greater odds than the market so you can enter their website.


A cashout option allows you to quit in the middle of the game and make a smaller payoff, instead of just winning your bet.